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Ian Redmond Russell

Hi and welcome to my website.  Over the course of the next few years I hope to document and share my journey as I dive deeper into my yoga practice and learn the knowledge and skills to become a qualified yoga teacher.  This is not something I planned on doing when I took my first yoga class in April 2016, far from it.  I am not an outgooing type of person, the opposite, and perhaps my career (I'm an archaeologist) and my hobby (photography of abandoned buildings) demonstrate that.  I'm married, with a family and middle aged.  But I'm also a man, and lets face it, there are fewer male yoga teachers out there, but thats changing.  


If you had told me two or more years ago that I would be writing this, attending so many yoga classess and signing up for Yoga Teacher Training, I would probably have laughed, but all of that has and is happening.  I took my first yoga class ever with the Dundalk Yoga Collective (Louth, Ireland) in April 2016.  It was a Yin Yoga class and the teacher, Lisa Connelly, recommended it for a lower back complaint.  I can vividly recall two things - one feeling crap and stupid that I couldn't do any of the poses the same way as the others could and the second the feeling of yoga high for three days afterwards, a feeling I try and come back too whenever I feel a yoga slump.  Since then I attend Yin classess weekly but found that reading the books or online articles just wern't giving me the kick I sought.  And so in early 2017 I registered to attend Josh Summers four day Foundation (Level 1) module later that year. One thing led to another and attendance at one module turned into registering for his 300hour Yin Yoga School and my first step on my yoga teacher training journey was taken.  


Yin is my passion.  That and Restorative Yoga.  Both are similar and yet so different, both in poses taught and, for me anyway, the feelings afterwards.  But I love the slow, meditative nature of Yin as it bring you into yourself in a mindfull way.  But Yin is not for everyone.  I had taken some Yang classess too and there too I fell in love with Vinyasa, both the way the class could be adapted to the energy of the room but how it could be made to flow faster or slower.  That and I needed to balance more my Yin with more Yang, something I knew was being neglected big time.  And so, another leap was taken, this time registering for 250hour Foundation Yoga Teacher Training with The Elbow room in Dublin, a superb hub located in Stoneybatter.  


And so the journey begins.  Nervous - yes, terrified - yes, scared - yes.  Excited - you bet !!!!.    

Ian Russell