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My Journey

By RuaYoga, Mar 22 2018 03:55PM

Trying to be present is hard work. Its been nearly two weeks since the first training weekend and I'm counting down the days till the next one, but I know that that is wrong and that what I should be doing is being in the moment, being present and enjoying the journey, even at this early stage, as very very soon the year will pass and I will look back and wish I was more present. I remember when my yoga teacher was wishing me luck on the eve of the training some weeks ago, she said 'I wish I could do it again' and now i know what she meant, so I'm struggling to be in the moment and just enjoying the realisiation that I AM doing Yoga teacher training.

Still find it herd to practise every day, even for ten minutes, but that will come. I know that I HAVE to do it and I know that it will good for me and already, in small ways, I notice i'm getting deeper in Uttanasana (yea, i remembered the sankrit name). My knee has started to hurt again too, so that limits what I can practise but I'm trying not to let it get the better of me.

Onwards. Must be more present..............

By RuaYoga, Mar 13 2018 03:14PM

I noticed last night that my book shelf was beginning to bulge with book or manulas on yoga. The funny thing is that this time last year I owned only two books on yoga - one (the green one) I bought myself to understand Yin Yoga and the other was gifted to me by my yoga teacher, perhaps to inspire me. Well inspire me it did as I now own lots more of deepening complexity and anatomy and have attendned various teacher training modules/weekends.

This yoga journey is getting serious. The funny too is that I have started to notice that when I look up a yoga post on google I now try and only use the sankrit name rather than the english translation. This is really getting serious ..... ......

By RuaYoga, Mar 13 2018 02:46PM

Weekend one is over and I'd love to go back and do it again. Yes I was nervous going in first thing on Saturday morning, and no doubt so was everyone else, but our teacher Susan Church put us all at ease immediately and by the end of the day we knew so much about ease other, not to mention yoga. It was a great time and I'm still buzzing, something I haven't felt since my first yoga class over two years ago, so that must be good.

The weekend was more of a introduction to each other and to yoga, though of course we did do yoga each day as we learnt the correct postural cues to get into each, we only did six, poses. We covered three part breath, the respitory system, the qualities of a teacher and how to communicate correctly. But it wasn't all teaching or listening either, we had to learn from each others especially when we had to pair up and communicate non verbally how to do a pose and break it down into 7 or less movements. Very instructional and got us out of comfort zone in engaging with others and actually teaching or instructing. Lots to learn and do, but its all broken down into nice bite sized chunks that can be learnt and absorbed in the time between classes.

Yes, still buzzing and enjoying these early steps on the journey loads.

By RuaYoga, Mar 4 2018 08:10PM

Five days to go before I start Foundation Yoga Teacher Training for real in The Elbow Room, Dublin. I have been there before, once for Yin Yoga training in November last year and last month for Restorative Yoga teachings, but this time I will diving in deep and starting on a 14 month training programme once a month.

I am scared, nervous and elated all at the same time. Am I making the right move, will I see it out to the end, will I be good enough, will I be able to do many of the asanas let alone teach them one day, will I ever manage to teach a class or get a placement locally where there are many yoga teachers already. All these doubts and more, but at the same time the emotion of excitment and anticipation of taking on something new.

Will it be tough, probably, but I'm still nervously looking forward to it. Thats why I started or formatted this website the way I did as there doesn't appear to be many blogs from yoga teacher trainees around to share the experience. So thats what I hope to do, share the ups, downs, bumps and highs along the road on this site and blog. I'm not much of a writer or a even keep a diary, but I will try to write down my thoughts honestly as I go along. Hope you can join me and feel free to comment or mail. I might need all the encouragement I can get :-)